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Sex and Relationship Education (SRE)

All schools have to teach an SRE curriculum to children at secondary school.

RSE and Health Education will be compulsory from 2020 but Government guidelines state that lessons must be age appropriate and developmentally appropriate. They also state that lessons must be sensitive and inclusive to all student’s needs, and must take account of the background and beliefs of pupils and parents. At Hinde House Secondary School we firmly believe that parents and cares are the prime educators for children and whilst we have a legal requirement to deliver RSE and Health Education to pupils at our school, we will be happy to engage with parents on how this will be implemented. The aims and the overall curriculum are outlined below. From July 2019 onwards we will also add PDF copies of the lesson that will be taught, and any parental correspondence. Any queries about the RSE content, or to discuss your child’s participation in RSE classes, can be addressed to or by contacting me on the school telephone number.

Mrs D Greenwood (Head of SESD)

Aims of Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education.

We aim to support the personal development and pastoral needs of our pupils and as such may make changes to the curriculum timings and model at times, whilst aiming to keep parents informed when necessary about these changes.

RSE and Health Education accepts that pupils today interact in both an on-line and physical world and aim to ensure that all the topics and issues covered address all aspects of modern day life. On-line safety is an important component of RSE and also in the wider school curriculum.
At Hinde House Secondary we are aiming to develop the building blocks covered in primary school, which are healthy, respectful relationships, a focus on family and friendships and how to be healthy. This will look at nurturing relationships of all kinds, what a healthy relationship looks like, and what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in any relationship. Whilst we do not promote one type of relationship over another, as part of the 2010 Equalities Act we do discuss and talk about all types of relationships, including LGBT relationship and also sexual orientation or gender identity. We feel it is important that students understand the law on these issues, and other laws regarding sex and consent.

RSE at Hinde House Secondary does not promote or encourage early sexual experimentation. The focus is on equipping pupils with the language to say no if pressured to have sex, to respect themselves and other pupils in this respect. The aim is to build the student’s self-esteem and maturity so that at the correct age and time they can have a fulfilling and healthy sexual relationship.
However for when pupils do want to experiment sexually, whilst we do not promote sexual behaviour we want to ensure that pupils understand about consent, and how to keep themselves safe by using contraception.

In KS4 and when we feel that the students have the maturity to deal with these issues we will look at sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, the use of pornography and its negative impact, honour based violence, forced marriages and female genital mutilation, these will be carried out the pupils full consent to be in the lesson, and with great sensitivity.

We will develop further the pupil’s understanding of health, looking at both physical and mental aspects, and also focusing on risk areas such as drugs and alcohol.

Mental wellbeing and character is woven into all topics covered in RSE as we wish to equip students with the resilience and skills to take care of themselves, face modern day challenges, and know where to seek help and support if problems arise.

An overview of the curriculum at KS3 and KS4.

All RSE lesson in KS3 will take place in HT4 (or HT3 if Ramadan falls during HT4), the topics that will be covered at each year group will be. Health education, schemes of learning on the Equalities Act 2010 and other aspects of relationship education such as bullying and on-line safety will be covered throughout the year. Notice will be sent to parent via text or letter for when specific RSE lessons are taking place.

Year 7

• Exploring different types of relationship that a pupil has with different people and how they impact on a person’s happiness, esteem and feelings of contentment and safety.
• Look at different types of families and their role in parenting, including married nuclear families, and the legal rights and advantages different types of families have, whilst ensuring that marriage is focused on as an important relationship choice.
• What good and bad relationship/ friends look like and how to negotiate this.
• How students manage change in their lives during puberty, including divorce and other significant family events.
• In Science students learn about the biological changes that happen as they grow older.
• In Health education they learn about healthy eating, personal hygiene, oral hygiene, the importance of sleep, addictions and smoking and creating health plans with targets.
• Students will cover bullying and online safety in form time session to coincide with anti-bullying week and safer internet day, as well as lessons on- line safety in ICT in Year 7 and form time.
• Students will also participate in a P4C style scheme of learning looking at how we have more similarities than difference, looking at reducing bullying by recognising the common traits we all have

Year 8

• Puberty and how this impacts on relationships (building on the science lessons from Year 7)
• Managing change with your parents and other significant people as you go through puberty.
• Self- concept and how to build confidence and achieve a more healthy balance when looking at self-esteem.
• In health education there is a focus on mental health looking at stress, anxiety, depression and body image, and how these tie in with your physical health. Students will also learn about CPR and some basic first aid.
• With reference to the Equalities Law and anti-bullying students will learn about how to be kind and not bully when living in a community.

Year 9

• Students looks at the legal age of consent and also the law regarding consent.
• They look at how they can say ‘no’ to sexual pressure and understand why waiting till they are more mature is a more healthy approach to sexual experimentation.
• They have technical lessons on how to apply contraception, with an emphasis being on the best contraception is not to have sex, and where they can go for sexual health advice.
• There will also be a session on STIs, STDs and Aids.
• Health education will focus on smoking, drugs, alcohol, what is a healthy lifestyle, prostrate and breast cancer.
• With reference to the Equalities Act 2010, students will learn about Hate Crimes with reference to LGBT, transgender, religion and ethnicity. They will also do a scheme of learning on different types of bullying and why it is not acceptable.


There will be no set PSHE lessons so the following topics will be covered in form time and drop down days, texts will be sent home to inform parents when this is happening so parents can call in to discuss, furthermore students will be encourages to come speak with the Head of SESD if they have any concerns or do not wish to partake.

• Concepts and laws relating to sexual consent, sexual exploitation and abuse, domestic abuse, honour-based violence and FGM.
• Issues concerning fertility and health.
• Facts concerning pregnancy and dangers of having sexual relationships and becoming pregnant too early. (This topic will be explored in more detail in RE)
• The law and negative impact of watching pornography below the age of 18.
• Issues of grooming connected with extremism and radicalisation.
• Exploitation by gangs including country lines.
• On-line safety issues concerned with sharing images of a sexual nature on-line


Lessons that are being delivered in RSE (2019-20)

details to follow